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Philips Healthcare

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Philips Healthcare is committed to providing meaningful innovations that improve the quality of care, enhance patients’ lives and enable the delivery of better outcomes at lower cost. The company operates in four main business areas: Diagnostic Imaging Systems; Patient Care and Clinical Informatics; Customer Services; and Home Healthcare.


Philips is a world leader in cardiology, and with a strong presence in cardio-pulmonary, oncology and women’s health, Philips is well positioned to help clinicians diagnose, treat and manage today’s most prevalent diseases such as congestive heart failure, breast and other cancers, respiratory and other coronary artery diseases as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible. The company’s focus is on understanding the complete cycle of care – from disease prevention to screening and diagnosis through to treatment, monitoring and health management – and choosing to participate in the areas where the company can add significant value.


Philips believes in clinical excellence and continuous innovation around the patient experience can fundamentally change healthcare as we know it. The competitive advantage lies in their clinical perspective, the broad clinical subject-matter expertise within the company, as well as the deep clinical relationships the company has with its customer base.


Technomedics is a distributor of Philips Healthcare products in Sri Lanka.

Philips Healthcare Products

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